They could have said No

Empty stable


You could have said, No,

When the angel came

And asked you to bear a child –

A gift from God

You could have said, no.

Who am I?

I’m too young and

Far too weak

To accept responsibility

For life from God

The risk you faced was real

To be despised – rejected – even stoned

Who would believe that it was true,

That this child has come from God?

You took the risk

And you said: Yes.

Whatever it brings

Pain or distress

I’ll put my trust in God

With tears of joy

You see the Child

The King of Heaven

In a manger

The Gift – Life – God



You could have said no.

It was just a dream

There are no angels

Mary is

A disgrace to her family

A shame for her bridegroom

– A fatherless child

Is not your responsibility

Yet you believed that it was true

You responded – you said,

– Yes.

To a marvel, you could not understand

The miracle was born.

A tiny baby

With ten fingers and ten toes

no teeth and no hair

Then all the choirs of heaven sang

The stars shone brighter than before

Shepherds left their flocks at night

Kings traveled from afar

Joseph, You were a part in this

Just because you said,

– Yes.

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